Check out the videos below for examples of the Mayberry Barber in action.

Mayberry Man Movie Official Trailer

George Lindsey Salute by Mayberry Tribute Artists at UNA

A Salute to George Lindsey on April 30, 2011.  This is a small portion of an event highlighting Mr. Lindsey’s contribution to the world in his “Goober Pyle” persona.  Mayberry tribute artists David “The Mayberry Deputy” Browning, Allan “Floyd” Newsome, Ken “Otis” Junkin, Tim “Goober” Pettigrew, and Bob “Briscoe” Mundy shared the spirit of Mayberry for the special evening.  “Floyd” was allowed to say a few words about how special George Lindsey has been to fans of The Andy Griffith Show.  It was a wonderful evening celebrating a special man. Thank you George Lindsey for the joy you’ve brought into the lives of fans everywhere.

Count Istvan Teleky Exists with Barney Floyd & Goober

Recorded at Col. Tim’s Talent Time during Mayberry Days 2003 in Mt. Airy, NC. Tribute artists for Goober (Tim Pettigrew), Barney (David Browning) and Floyd (Allan Newsome) reenact a scene from ‘Three Wishes for Opie‘ on stage. (video by Robbie Curlee)

Floyd & Courthouse Bulletin Board

Floyd checking out the Mayberry courthouse bulletin board.

Barney and Floyd Discuss a Teachers Retirement After 35 Years of Service

Barney and Floyd did this as a favor to a teacher who was retiring from teaching in 2012.  Pretty fun to see.

Meet Gomer’s Cousin Goober

Filmed at Col. Tim’s Talent Time during Mayberry Days 2006 in Mt. Airy, NC. We didn’t have a “Gomer” with us so Floyd (Allan Newsome) introduces Goober (Tim Pettigrew) to Barney (David Browning).

Wally’s Service – Best Pop In Town

Floyd the barber visits Wally’s Service for a bottle of pop.  Filmed on location at Wally’s Service (The Taylor Home Inn, Clear Lake, WI).

Two Chairs No Waiting Podcast #271: Floyd & Otis at Zion

In late January 2014 The Andy Griffith Show cast member and all around great guy, LeRoy Mack performed for a packed house at the Zion Community Center near Gordo, AL.  LeRoy was joined by Ken “Otis” Junkin and Allan “Floyd” Newsome for the evening and it was a fun night.